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Helix Linear is a global leader in linear motion technologies.


  1. The Beginning

    January 2011

    Helix Linear Technologies was founded by Christopher Nook, a leader in the linear motion industry and former CEO of Nook Industries,  with a vision to create high-quality linear motion products.  The company was established in Beachwood, Ohio in 2012, with the primary goal of manufacturing precision-engineered lead screws and linear actuators.

  2. Big Moves

    January 2012

    The company moved to a larger facility in Cleveland, Ohio, to accommodate its growing manufacturing operations and increasing customer demand. This new facility allowed for enhanced production capabilities and the ability to maintain stringent quality control standards.

  3. New Products!

    July 2012

    Helix Linear Technologies introduced a new line of precision rolled lead screws, which provided improved accuracy and performance compared to traditional lead screws.  This innovation positioned the company as a leader in the linear motion industry.

  4. Injection Molding

    March, 2012

    We invested in state-of-the-art injection molding equipment to produce our own lead screw nuts. This strategic move allows us to enhance quality control, reduce production costs, and increase our manufacturing efficiency. By bringing this capability in-house, we can ensure that every lead screw nut meets our exacting standards and better serve our customers with superior products.

  5. ISO-9001 - with Design

    January 2013

    Helix Linear Technologies received ISO 9001 certification, reflecting its commitment to quality management and continuous improvement. This certification helped to establish trust with clients and opened doors to new business opportunities.

  6. We Grind Our Own Rolling Dies

    April 2014

    We invested in advanced thread grinding equipment to add the capability to grind thread rolling dies. This investment allows us to grind our own rolling dies with precision, ensuring the highest quality and consistency in our products. By bringing this capability in-house, we can better control the manufacturing process, reduce lead times, and deliver superior linear motion solutions to our customers.

  7. Teflon/PTFE Lead Screw Coating

    April 2013

    Helix Linear Technologies invested in an advanced coating systems to apply Teflon and other coatings to our lead screws.  This technology allows us to apply our patented H10X coating, which extends the life of a lead screw nut by ten times.

    By utilizing this innovative coating process, we significantly improve the durability and performance of our lead screws, ensuring they meet the highest standards for our customers.

  8. New Products

    January 2014

    Helix Linear Technologies developed and patented a unique anti-backlash nut design, which significantly reduced backlash in linear motion systems. This innovation was well-received in industries where precision and reliability were critical, such as robotics and medical devices.

  9. Expanding Our Global Presence

    January 2015

    Helix Linear Technologies  expanded its reach by opening a sales and distribution office in Europe. This move was aimed at better serving its growing international customer base and providing faster delivery times for European clients.

  10. Strategic Partnerships

    January 2016

    Helix Linear Technologies entered into a strategic partnership with a leading manufacturer of linear guides and rails. This collaboration allowed the company to offer a more comprehensive range of linear motion solutions to its customers.

  11. Growing Product Line

    January 2018

    The company launched a new line of miniaturized lead screws and actuators, catering to the increasing demand for compact and lightweight linear motion components in applications such as handheld medical devices and consumer electronics.

  12. COVID-19 Pandemic

    March 2020

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Helix Linear Technologies ramped up production of components for medical ventilators and other critical healthcare equipment. The company's ability to quickly adapt and meet urgent needs demonstrated its flexibility and resilience.

  13. CNC Thread Rolling

    July 2020

    In 2020 we acquired CNC thread-rolling machines to produce precision lead screws and ball screws. This cutting-edge technology enables us to achieve exceptional accuracy and consistency, enhancing the performance of our linear motion products.

    By integrating CNC thread rolling into our manufacturing process coupled with our in-house rolling die manufacturing, we can produce almost any size ball screw or lead screw and we can meet the high standards our customers expect and continue to innovate in the industry.

  14. Ball Screws

    January 2021

    The strategic sale of Nook Industries and the subsequent elimination of its non-compete agreement created a pivotal opportunity for Helix Linear Technologies to expand its product offerings.

    Freed from previous contractual constraints, Helix Linear swiftly entered the ball screw market, leveraging its established expertise in precision engineering and linear motion technologies. Central to this rapid expansion was the extensive experience of Christopher Nook, who had honed his skills in manufacturing ball screws during his tenure as CEO of Nook Industries. His deep understanding of ball screw design, production processes, and quality control significantly accelerated the development and refinement of Helix Linear's ball screw products.

    This strategic move not only diversified Helix Linear’s product portfolio but also allowed the company to tap into new market segments and meet the growing demand for high-precision ball screws across various industries. Consequently, this expansion significantly bolstered Helix Linear's competitive edge and market presence, positioning it as a comprehensive provider of advanced linear motion solutions.

  15. Ball Screw Metallurgy

    October, 2021

    At Helix Linear, we've built the most advanced metallurgy laboratory to measure and analyze our ball screws. This state-of-the-art facility allows us to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance. By conducting thorough material analyses and precise measurements, we can continually refine our products and maintain our commitment to excellence in linear motion solutions.

  16. Advanced Automation

    January 2022

    Helix Linear Technologies invested in advanced manufacturing technologies, including automation and robotics, to further enhance production efficiency and product quality. The company also began exploring opportunities in emerging markets such as renewable energy and electric vehicles.

  17. Helix Adds EDM Technology

    May, 2023

    At Helix Linear, we've acquired Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) equipment to enhance our ball screw manufacturing capabilities.  By integrating EDM into our production process, we ensure the highest quality standards and deliver superior products to our customers.

  18. Custom Ball Screws

    May 2024

    At Helix Linear, we now have the capability to manufacture custom small diameter ball screws with specially shaped nuts. Our small ball screws are particularly well-suited for medical and military applications, where compact size and high performance are critical.

    We utilize advanced rolling, grinding, and whirling techniques to ensure the highest standards of precision and quality. Additionally, we offer precision C3 and C5 ball screws, meeting stringent accuracy requirements for the most demanding applications.

  19. AS9100D

    May 2024

    The timeline module is a visually appealing and interactive tool that allows you to present a chronological sequence of events or milestones. It is designed to provide a clear overview of historical events, project progress, or any other time-related information. The module typically consists of a horizontal or vertical line representing the timeline, with events marked at specific intervals along the line.

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