Custom Ball Screws

We excel in producing custom ball screws through precision grinding and thread rolling processes. We also specialize in designing and fabricating custom ball nuts that are perfectly matched to the screw shafts, enhancing the overall efficiency and load-bearing capabilities of the assembly. Our focus on technical excellence and quality control makes us a trusted provider of customized ball screw solutions.


Ball Screw Customization Options

  • Ball Screw Sizes:  4-25 mm diameter
  • Ball Screw Pitch/Lead: 1-25 mm
  • Materials:
    Alloy Steel: 4150, 4140, 1117
    Stainless Steel: 17-4, 15-3, 13-8 (hardened to various conditions)
  • Coatings: Black-oxide, thin-dense chrome, manganese phosphate
  • End Machining: All end configurations possible
  • Annealing: softening of ball screw material prior to end machining
  • Hardening: In-house induction heat treating 

Precision and Quality Standards 

  • Certifications:  ISO – AS9100D, ITAR
  • Inspection Capabilities:  Form tracing, Lead accuracy measurement, 3D profilometer scanning, Laser shaft inspection, Metallurgical analysis, Hardness, XRF Spectrometry, Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Testing Procedures – Ball screw efficiency, Torque

Technical Expertise and Engineering Support  

  • Engineering Capabilities - ball screw and ball nut design, design analysis, material analysis, reverse engineering
  • Experience with ball screw design - over 35 years of experience
  • Ball Screws Analysis Capabilities - Finite Element Analysis, Efficiency Calculations, Life Calculations
  • Ball Screw Design Optimization
  • DFMEA support

Production Capacity and Lead Times   

  • Ball Screws Manufacturing facility - fully integrated screw and nut manufacturing
  • Production Capabilities - CNC thread rolling and thread grinding
  • Ability to meet varying ball screw order volumes
  • Capacity to meet prototype and production timelines
  • Process
    Thread Grinding
    Thread Rolling
    Thread Whirling
  • Ball Screw Types
    Precision Ground
    Precision Rolled
  • Components
    Ball Screw Shaft
    Ball Nuts
    Ball Returns
    Wiper Seals
    Ball Bearings
  • Internal Return Styles
    End Returns/Cap
  • External Return Styles
    Return Tubes
  • Thread Forms
    Full Radius
    Gothic Arch
  • Materials

    Ball Screw Shaft:  
    Ball Nut:  
    Return Tubes:  
    Wiper Seals:  
    Ball Bearings:  

    4150 PHT & Induction Hardened
    8620 / 9310 Controlled Carburization Hardened, Stainless Steel
    4130 Seamless Tubing and Stamped Tubes
    Nylon, Brush or Felt
    52100 Chrome Steel Grade 25
    Various Stainless Steels, Ceramic  Balls
  • Diameter
    4mm - 40mm
  • Length
    Up to 12 ft
  • Lead Accuracy
    0.0002 in/ft
  • Conformity Ratio
    .52 to .65
  • Contact Angle
    35 to 50° (Optimum 45°) 
  • Inspection
    Coordinate Measuring Machines
    Optical Comparators
    Hardness Checking
    Lead Measurement
    Surface Finish Measurement
    Thread Profile Measurement
  • Load Testing
    (tension & compression)
    Up to 12,000 lbs
    Up to 1300 RPM
  • Additional Capabilities
    OD Grinding
    Reverse Engineering
  • Production Volume
    Prototypes to High Volume (50-100K / Year)


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