Custom Lead Screws

CLS-vertAt Helix Linear Technologies, we take pride in our comprehensive capability to manufacture custom lead screws tailored to your specific needs. Our expertise allows us to offer a wide range of customization options, including:

Custom Shaped Lead Screw Nuts: We can design and produce nuts in various shapes to meet the unique requirements of your application.

Custom Lead Screw Nut Materials: Whether you need nuts made from plastics, composites, or metals, we can fabricate them from a material that best suits your operational environment.

Custom Diameters and Leads of Screws: Our manufacturing process supports the creation of lead screws with diameters and leads tailored precisely to your specifications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Custom Screw Materials: We offer lead screws in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and other specialty alloys, to match your specific strength, durability, and environmental needs.

Custom End Machining: Our precision machining capabilities enable us to provide custom end machining on lead screws, such as threading, milling, and turning, to seamlessly integrate with your assembly.

At Helix Linear Technologies, we employ three advanced methods of machining screws to ensure the highest quality and precision: thread rolling, thread whirling, and thread grinding.

Thread Rolling: This process involves deforming the material to form threads, resulting in a smooth, hard surface finish and increased strength due to the work hardening of the material.

Thread Whirling: Utilizing a high-speed cutting technique, thread whirling allows for the rapid production of complex and precise thread profiles with excellent surface finishes, ideal for long lead screws and those with intricate designs.

Thread Grinding: This method involves using a grinding wheel to cut the thread, achieving the highest precision and surface finish possible. Thread grinding is particularly suited for applications requiring tight tolerances and fine thread details.

With these extensive customization options and advanced machining methods, we ensure that Helix Linear Technologies delivers lead screws that perfectly align with your project requirements, providing superior performance and reliability.


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