Profile Rail Linear Actuators with Low Profile and Compact Qualities

profile rail actuators


What is a profile rail linear actuator?

Profile Rail Linear Actuators from Helix Linear Technologies combine all the primary aspects of a precise linear motion system into a small economical package. Our bi-directional profile rail linear actuators consist of an external linear stepper motor actuator, a precision lead screw, a digital rotary encoder, and a precision ground profile rail for linear guidance. Available in NEMA 8, 11, 14, 17, and 23 motor sizes, our compact profile rail linear actuators are customizable and include optical encoders, magnetic sensors, and a standard or anti-backlash nut.

Benefits include:

  • Low profile, compact size for use in tight spaces
  • Precision lead screw (+/- .0003"/inch lead accuracy) 
  • High rigidity and high moment rigidity
  • Equal bi-directional load
  • Helix H10X™ PTFE lead screw coating for an extended operational life


Typical applications for profile rail linear actuators include:

  • Auto-Sampling Machines – An auto-sampler is a machine that automatically loads collected samples for spectroscopic or chromatographic analysis into a laboratory instrument. 


  • Sample Preparation Systems – Sample preparation systems take a representative material from a more significant material batch and prepare it for analysis. 


  • Laser Ablation Machines – Laser ablation machines use a laser beam to remove material in a localized area while protecting the surrounding areas. Laser ablation is commonly used in medical applications, including LASIK, neurosurgery, tumor treatment, and skin resurfacing.  Industrial uses include minor diameter hole drilling in hard or brittle materials that can't be traditionally drilled.


  • Liquid Chromatography Machines – Liquid chromatography machines separate, identify and quantify components in a mixture. These machines rely on actuation to pass a pressurized liquid containing the sample mixture through a column filled with a solid material. 


  • Mass Spectrometry Machines – Mass spectrometry machines measure the mass to charge ratio of one or more molecules present in a sample. This machine is used in many fields and is applied to pure samples as well as complex mixtures.


  • Automated Microscopes for Cell Imaging – Automated microscopes use electronic components controlled by imaging software to observe cells. The automaton essentially automates the entire microscopy workflow, only requiring worker intervention once images are produced. 


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