XY & XYZ Micro Precision Linear Actuators for Multi-Directional Motion

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Linear motion positioning applications can often be addressed with a single-axis micro precision linear actuator consisting of a moving rail, a fixed base, a carrier plate, and a linear actuator. However, a sizable number of applications require linear motion on multiple axes. A two-axis XY micro precision linear actuator or three-axis XYZ micro precision linear actuator is needed for position control in more than one direction.

Micro Precision Linear Actuators Provide Linear Motion Position Control on Multiple Axis

In its simplest form, an XY micro precision linear actuator is created by precisely joining two single-axis actuators. Mounted perpendicular to one another, the top of the lower axis serves as the upper axis base. A three-axis XYZ actuator adds a third dimension of travel using the same technique. In each stage, a stepper motor linear actuator is combined with a precision lead screw or ball screw and nut to move the carriage to a specific destination point in the linear motion system. A micro precision linear actuator allows particular, highly-accurate, repeatable motion in multiple degrees of freedom, all within a small compact design envelope. 

Several common uses for multi-axis micro precision linear actuators include:

  • Pick-and-place packaging applications
  • Pipetting and vial handling in medical devices
  • Industrial routers
  • Laser cutting machines
  • Water jet cutting systems
  • UAV launching and landing systems
  • Optics/Imaging
  • Micro-robotics
  • Industrial or surgical robots
  • Satellite Testing
  • micromachining 
  • X-Ray Diffraction measurement
  • Semiconductor Processing
  • Machine Tool Control 
  • Fiber Optic Alignment
  • Electron Beam tracking 

Micro precision linear actuators from Helix Linear technologies are modular linear actuators that are designed to be configured in X-Y or X-Y-Z designs. Three standard NEMA sizes (14, 17, and 23) offer engineers the flexibility to customize and build almost any size linear motion system.

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